Food Bank Xtra

Food Bank Xtra

The MK Food Bank have teamed up with MK Council to launch Food Bank Xtra and meet the challenge of Coronavirus.

The need for food in our community is greater than ever. Here at MK Food Bank, we are anticipating a sharp rise in demand for food in the coming weeks. It is absolutely vital and time sensitive, that if we are to meet this need, we have adequate support to distribute food and the resources to mitigate the crisis.

To ensure that this is possible, we have teamed up with Milton Keynes Council to launch ‘Food Bank Xtra’ – a new, city-wide food service. We are so grateful to Milton Keynes Council who have given an initial support of additional staff and a new, larger distribution centre to ensure it has the right resources to cope with the additional demand expected during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Urgent Appeal

We are also launching an urgent appeal for donations, and asking those in need to contact them through a new Food Bank Helpline. You can access Food Bank Xtra by visiting one of our main Serving Centres or contacting the Food Bank Helpline on 01908 565852 to discuss your situation in confidence with experienced staff.

Serving Centres

  • Melrose Centre, Bletchley – 9:00am – 11:00am (Mon-Fri.)
  • Milton Keynes Christian Centre, Oldbrook – 11:00am – 1:00pm (Mon-Fri.)
  • King’s Community Centre, Wolverton – 1:00pm – 3:00pm (Mon-Fri.)

Work is also underway to establish new Serving Centres across the city – making is as simple as possible for people to get access to food. More information about these additional Serving Centres will be available as they roll out.